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Laminate Flooring in Cape Town and The Western Cape

If you are wanting to do a quick home improvement that is affordable and makes a big change then new flooring is a great option. There are many varieties such as vinyl, bamboo and engineered wood although laminate flooring is usually the easiest in Cape Town and also the most cost effective.

What exactly is it? Laminate is a composite product consisting of a number of different layers joined together. The top is the protection, then below that is the design and colour and after that comes the core which is the thickest layer. Underneath all that is the base layer which is sealed to prevent water absorption. The flooring is usually installed with a foam underlayment which makes it more level and less audible.

Laminate flooring in Cape Town and other alternatives


Pro’s of laminate flooring

  • Realistic looking –  High quality laminate flooring will look nearly identical to its real hardwood counterpart.
  • Unlimited designs – Unlike real wood, where there are a limited number of colours and patterns, laminate wood the imagination is the limit. There is flooring with nearly any design and colour you can think of and it’s easily available.
  • Cost – Laminate is typically much cheaper than bamboo and hardwood flooring. Prices per meter usually start at R110/m2 and can go up too R300/m2 for higher quality laminate. Bamboo flooring starts at R485/m2 and hardwood as much as R600/m2.
  • Easy to install – It is possible to install the flooring by yourself without the need for any contractors. This can also cut down on costs tremendously but it isn’t without its challenges. You will need to know how to cut the boards and this can be quite difficult at times.
  • Cleaning them is easy – Maintenance and cleaning of this type of flooring is very simple especially if you have a darker colour laminate.

Laminate Floor Con’s

  • It is not real wood – This is the biggest reason for buyers choosing hardwood or bamboo over laminate. As real as it looks you will always know that it isn’t the real thing. You will need to determine if the premium for real hardwood flooring is worth it.
  • Lower value – Depending on the value of your home laminate flooring can be good or bad. In high value homes it can lower their value as it is of a lower rank in the hierarchy of flooring. But in lower to mid value homes it can add value.
  • Refinishing not possible – Unlike other types of wooden flooring, if you damage laminate it cannot be fixed by simply sanding and revarnishing. You would have to replace it.

As you can see there are a number of pros and cons regarding the choice of installing laminate flooring. Laminate flooring in Cape Town is easy and convenient. There are a large number of suppliers that stock it as well as a bamboo and vinyl floors at affordable prices. Your best option would be to visit a few of these stores and see and feel the different types of flooring in person. CTM is a great option that stocks a wide variety of laminates one of which would definitely suite your needs.

If you decide that laminate flooring is for you and you are on a tight budge then the below video will give you some help with installing it yourself.

If the above pros and cons of laminate flooring have not made you decide to improve your house in Cape Town yet then maybe the below products will.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is the baby brother of laminate and has come a long way in recent years. Previously the word vinyl would have brought images of cheap flooring in a gym to mind. Fortunately this has changed a lot and vinyl now looks very similar to real wood and is comparable to laminate flooring in lots of ways. It can come in two different varieties one being interlocking and the other being glue as shown below in the two pictures.

vinyl-flooring-in-cape town vinyl-tiling-cape town

The cost is very similar to laminate in Cape Town you will find that prices vary from R100/m2 up to R400/m2 for the higher quality vinyl. The main benefit of vinyl is that it is completely water resistant as it is made from plastic. This means it is perfect for places where water is a problem such as bathrooms and kitchens. You could decide to redo your lounge with laminate flooring and the kitchen and bathroom with vinyl to get the most benefit out of the different materials.

If your budget for home improvement is bigger and you want to use a higher quality material then the following options are probably for you.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is becoming more popular these days as it’s very similar to hardwood but a lot more affordable. On top of this it is also very eco-friendly which is an important consideration for lots of people living in the Cape.

Unlike laminate, bamboo is an authentic wood product which you can feel and see the difference. It is also relatively easy to install and it is much more durable than the cheaper flooring alternatives. Typical customers of this type of flooring are those interested in the environment but at the same time wanting a trendy and elegant looking solution.

bamboo-flooring-cape town

As you can see there is a wide selection of flooring types in the Western Cape. From laminate to vinyl to bamboo and real hardwood too. The choice comes down to budget at the end of the day.

Laminate flooring in Cape Town offers you an affordable way to renovate your current home and create a stylish new look. Combined with installing vinyl in the bathrooms and kitchen your house will feel completely different and revitalised. On the other hand if your budge affords revamping the flooring with bamboo or even solid wood that would be the better choice. The quality will be superior and it will look and feel like real wood, because it is.