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About us

Hello and welcome to our website. We created this site to help people in Cape Town with laminate flooring as well as other alternatives. We believe that one of the best ways to improve your home affordably is through a flooring renovation.

We can recommend the type of wood to use for your flooring needs as well as give you advice on how to get the flooring installed. Whilst installing the laminate flooring yourself is possible we do recommend using a professional unless you are very capable with DIY. There’s nothing worse than ending up spending a lot of money on the flooring and then having it look bad because you installed it incorrectly.

Apart from laminate we also cover the other alternatives such as vinyl, bamboo and engineered wood flooring. Depending on your budget one of them will be the perfect option for your home improvement. The best part about laminate is that in Cape Town flooring starts at around R100/m2 which makes it affordable for nearly anyone. You also have an enormous choice of colour and design unlike with hardwood and bamboo which only has a set number of colours.

If you are still unsure what flooring is best for you then go to our homepage where we have an in-depth article covering the pro’s and con’s of laminate.

Please also feel free to browse through the other pages covering all the flooring options as well as which suppliers we recommend. We have articles covering all types of flooring in the Western Cape including vinyl, bamboo and solid wood. We discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each so that you can come to your own conclusions of what is best for you. Personally we would advise on going for a middle to higher end quality laminate which is still a fraction of the cost of solid wood but looks nearly identical.