Bamboo Flooring Cape Town

In the last few years bamboo flooring as become a very popular option. This is because it resembles hardwood flooring very closely and is also a lot more affordable. The designs and textures available in Cape Town of bamboo flooring are very unique and beautiful. This makes it perfect for a luxury home improvement whilst keeping within a modest budget.

To best determine if bamboo flooring is perfect for you we will look at the pro’s and con’s.

Advantages of Bamboo flooring:

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to typical hardwood trees that takes 60-120 years to reach maturity, bamboo matures in 5-7 years. Bamboo is very sustainable and easily renewable type of wood. If you are an environmentally conscious person that needs an elegant flooring solution in Cape Town then bamboo is your answer.


Maintenance is Easy

Bamboo flooring can be cleaned and maintained relatively easily. A mop, soap and some water is all that is needed to keep the floors looking clean and trendy.

Water Resistance

Whilst not completely resistant to water, bamboo is able to cope with is better than other hardwoods. This is very useful when accidents happen such as liquid being spilt on the floor.


Despite bamboo being a very high quality flooring option made from real wood it is still cheaper than hardwood alternatives. In Cape Town Bamboo flooring starts at R485/m2 and can go to R900/m2 for the engineered variety. This is quite bit less than hardwood flooring which can start at R600/m2 and go to R1300/m2 for the more exotic woods.


Bamboo flooring as the benefit of being able to spruce it up if it fades or gets damaged over time. Other types of flooring such as laminate need to be replaced once chipped, scratched or faded. Bamboo flooring can be sanded and re-coated to bring it back to life if damaged.

Unlimited Options

Unlike hardwood flooring where there are a select number of colours and patterns bamboo is not limited. Manufacturers are able to colour the bamboo to give it a different look to the original material.


The biggest difference between bamboo flooring and other cheaper options is usually durability. Bamboo flooring will typically last as long as more expensive hardwood varieties and much longer than laminate type flooring. Apart from this it also looks and feels a lot better than the cheaper alternatives.

Disadvantages of Bamboo flooring:

Water Damage

Although bamboo flooring is more resistant than other hardwood varieties it can still be damaged. Too much water and you will have issues with warping and fading of colours.

Un-Matured Varieties

One of the risks with bamboo flooring is that the plant didn’t fully mature(harden) before it was harvested. Although it will look and feel great initially, it will be soft and delicate. This means it wont last as long as it should and will get damaged more easily. Make sure only to buy from Cape Town suppliers of quality bamboo flooring so not to get ripped off.


Lower quality bamboo variations can scratch easily and even high quality bamboo has the chance of scratching. Bamboo flooring is able to be refinished so the scratches can be repaired relatively easily.

Potential Toxins

Some bamboo flooring uses glue that contain toxins which can be released into the air over time. The bamboo flooring is made up by glueing different layers together and certain Chinese suppliers use glues that are not safe to save costs. Make sure the bamboo flooring you purchase in Cape Town is certified to be free of toxins.

Non-Friendly Environmental Practices

Although it was mentioned above that bamboo flooring is sustainable and eco-friendly there is also another side to that. Certain harvesting methods can cause damage to the environment such as destroying forests for bamboo plantations and using toxic pesticides.


As we can see there are a number of pro’s and con’s regarding installing bamboo flooring into your home. The best part of bamboo flooring is that it looks very trendy and can add a lot of value to your home in Cape Town if done correctly.

It has most of the properties of hardwood but at a much lower cost. Bamboo flooring is also typically eco-friendly and most Cape Town suppliers will have this variety.

If you have any more questions about installing bamboo flooring in your house don’t hesitate to ask.

Have a look at this video to see how bamboo flooring is made.