Choosing a Laminate Flooring Supplier in Cape Town

After going through the pro’s and con’s of laminate flooring in Cape Town over here you have decided it is the best option for you. So now what?

Choosing the right supplier and contractor will make a big difference. The quality of flooring as well as the installation will all depend on who you choose. Not doing your research could result in you paying more for lower quality flooring and it being installed badly.

Following the below advice will lower your chances of getting bad laminate flooring in Cape Town.

1. Reviews

We all know how important reviews are. See if you can find reviews of their work either through their site or on only sites such as Google Reviews. Websites that don’t include testimonials are riskier to use.

2. Experience

Find out how long they have been in business for. A company that has been around for years probably has done so for a good reason. They provide a quality service at an affordable price. Laminate flooring isn’t difficult to install but they could take short cuts and end up with bad cuts in certain places.

3. Prices

Try compare they prices that they quote for you between other suppliers. Using CTM as a guide for a price point is wise. They are a large retail store with competitive pricing. If you are getting charged much higher then find out why. The company could try rip you off assuming that you have no idea about prices.

Get quotes from a few different companies to see if they are in the same range. Quality of laminate flooring can differ substantially so it is harder to compare apples with apples.


By finding the best supplier for your price range you will be happy with the quality of the flooring as well as the final job. There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned money to receive something that you don’t love once it’s finished.

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