Solid Wood Flooring Cape Town

Home improvements are all the rage today and solid wood flooring is the perfect option for your Cape Town home. It’s not the cheapest but is the best looking by far. The cheaper alternatives are laminate, bamboo, vinyl and engineered wood. We will have a look at the pro’s and con’s of each below.


Solid hardwood flooring is the highest quality and will last for many years. It is more expensive but it is a lifetime investment that will be worth it for certain homes. Solid flooring is suited best for higher end homes and as there is an expectation of quality for potential buyers. Whilst laminate flooring looks similar and costs a fraction of the price it won’t be suited for a luxury home.

Pro’s of solid wood flooring in Cape Town


It looks and feels amazing as it is a real hardwood. None of the other alternatives are able to beat it on this score.


It is very durable and if it does get damaged it can be refinished quite easily. Unlike laminate flooring that you cannot sand and revarnish if it gets damaged. It is quite easy to sand areas that are faded or damaged and revarnish them over time when needed.


Many of the alternatives such as laminate flooring and engineered wood pose the risk of toxins from various glues and other chemicals used in the manufacturing of them. As laminate flooring is a composite product it is glued together with varies types of wood. The same applies to engineered wood which has real hardwood on the top layer and composite plywood below that.

Con’s of solid hardwood flooring


Hardwood flooring is the most expensive option and prices in Cape Town start at around R700/m2. Compare to laminate flooring which can go from R99/m2 this is quite a premium.

Engineered wood is slightly cheaper as only the top layer is real wood. This makes it more affordable and it still has the appearance of real solid wood flooring. It is a good alternative as you save on cost but still have the same high quality feel as real wood.


While you can re-finish solid wood flooring it also does not like water. Other alternatives such as vinyl and engineered wood are better able to deal with water spills and humidity.

You might consider using solid wood in lounge areas and vinyl or engineered wood in areas like the kitchen and bathrooms that are at risk of water.


Proper solid wood flooring required professionals to install it and can be quite messy. Unlike laminate flooring which is easy and is possible to DIY. By choosing a professional company in Cape Town you will be guaranteed a high quality product and a good installation job.


Solid wood flooring is often not as friendly on the environment as other alternatives. Certain hardwood trees take nearly a hundred years to mature and demand is usually higher than supply. Other options like engineered flooring are better in this regard as they only use a small amount of real hardwood for the top layer.

Bamboo flooring is also good as it matures very quickly making it a sustainable option.

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